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International Business Payments

GlobalWebPay makes it easy to send cheaper and faster international payments on behalf of your business. Once you’ve created your account you’ll have access to a simple and reliable online service. Whether you are sending one-off or regular payments, you can use GlobalWebPay to achieve better rates and lower fees for your business.

Why GlobalWebPay?

Make payments from anywhere and on any device, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Verified Business Account holders have access to very attractive trading limits with special rates for larger transfers and the following main benefits:

  • Low transfer fees
  • SWIFT payments from just £4.75
  • No hidden fees or recipient fees for local currency transfers
  • Better exchange rates and service than the banks
  • Fast delivery of funds – typically next day
  • Easy to make payments by debit card or bank transfer

Global Coverage 

You can make payments to over 200 destinations worldwide with GlobalWebPay. We offer payments in local currency to almost 50 countries and SWIFT payments in USD/EUR/GBP to most destinations. We also offer SWIFT payments in a wide array of currencies on request.

Great Support 

We can provide your business with the highest levels of customer assistance (top rated on TrustPilot), offering email and phone support whenever it’s required. With a Business Account you can get personal assistance when you’re looking for payment advice, whether you need help confirming bank details, payment timescales or any aspect of the transfer process.

Register Today

Creating a Business Account is free & takes just a few moments. Register for a Business Account today and once we’ve verified your account (documentation will be requested upon registration) you’ll be able to set up your first transfer straight away.

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