Transfer Money to Canada
If you’re looking to send money to Canada, GlobalWebPay will help you save money and time on your next money transfer.

Find a Cheaper Way to Send Money to Canada
Whether you are sending money to friends and family, paying for holidays or property bills, you’ll find our online service convenient and easy to use. You can use GlobalWebPay for either one-off or regular money transfers with our low transfer fee and banking-beating exchange rates.

Why GlobalWebPay?
It’s easy to send money abroad with our simple, online service. Send money to Canada 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With GlobalWebPay, you can send money from the comfort of your own home in just a few clicks.

  • Low £4.75 fixed transfer fee to send any amount
  • No hidden fees or recipient fees (except by SWIFT)
  • Competitive, bank beating exchange rates
  • Fast delivery of funds – typically next day
  • Secure transfers direct to recipient’s bank account
  • Easy to send money by debit card or bank transfer

Register Your GlobalWebPay Account Today
If you’re a UK bank account holder we’ll help you send money to any bank account in Canada faster and cheaper than all the major UK banks – such as Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC and NatWest.

Registration is free & takes just a few moments. Register your account today and you’ll be able to set up your first transfer straight away.


Send Money to Any Canadian Bank Account
You can transfer Canadian Dollar (CAD) to any bank account in Canada. If you need to make payments in other currencies such as US Dollar (USD) or Euro (EUR) we also offer a SWIFT international wire transfer service to Canada.

With GlobalWebPay, you can make money transfers to all the major banks in Canada, including Toronto-Dominion Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank of Canada, National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Simple Online Payments to Canada
You could be making regular monthly payments to family in Ottawa, paying your pension to Montreal or contributing to pay hospital bills for a friend in Banff - GlobalWebPay is designed to make sending funds to Canada as simple as possible & all online.

Large Money Transfers to Canada
Perhaps you are looking to purchase a Canadian property, pay for a big family wedding or relocate and transfer your pension to Canada? If you need to send a large amount of money to Canada we can help you secure the best deal.

Get in touch with us directly by email or call us on 0207 233 9595 to discuss your needs and take advantage of our customised service for large money transfers to Canada.

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