Sending Money from UK to the United States
After opening your account, follow these steps to send your money today:

Login to your account and click ‘Make a Transfer’.

Enter Recipient
  • Click ‘Add New Recipient’
  • Select the United States from the drop down list & select currency.

Enter the following bank account details:
Recipient’s nickname (for your use only)
The name on the account
Country where their account is held
Bank or Credit Union Name
Account Type
Account Number *  
ABA Routing Number*  
Note, Most accounts are checking accounts but if the account is a savings account only please select Savings otherwise the payment may be returned and delayed.

Name on the account: The complete and exact account name of the recipient’s bank account. The payee. This must be correct or banks will return payments.

Bank name: The name of the recipient’s bank. E.g. Barclays, Commerzbank etc.

City: The city (or town) where the recipient’s bank branch is located

Note: We send money to the USA using the ACH or electronic network (not wire transfers). The routing number should be for the branch where the recipient’s account is held. Money is sent from funds we maintain in a US bank account to the beneficiary’s US bank account using the internal domestic ACH network – similar to the UK BACS system.

Account number: The recipients bank account number. Up to 17 digits in length.

The ABA or ACH Routing Number: It is a 9 digit bank code which is used in the United States to identify which financial institution the payment is sent to.

This information can be found on your check book. E.g:

Enter Amount & Review
  • Enter transfer amount in either GBP or the recipient’s currency.
  • Review & confirm your order details, exchange rate, fee & total cost.

Checkout Your Transfer
  • From checkout page click to ‘Pay Now’.
  • Select from one of the funding methods displayed.
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