Sending Money from UK to Malaysia
After opening your account, follow these steps to send your money today:

Login to your account and click ‘Make a Transfer’.

Enter Recipient
  • Click ‘Add New Recipient’
  • Select Malaysia from the drop down list & select currency.

Enter the following bank account details:
Recipient’s nickname (for your use only)
The name on the account
Country where their account is held
Bank Name*
Account Number *  

Name on the account: The complete and exact account name of the recipient’s bank account. The payee. This must be correct or banks will return payments.

Bank name: The name of the recipient’s bank. E.g. Barclays, Commerzbank etc.

City: The city (or town) where the recipient’s bank branch is located

Account number: The recipients bank account number. Up to 20 digits in length.

SWIFT BIC (Bank Identifier Code): BIC’s are made up of 8 or 11 characters
B = Bank Code (Only Letters), C = Country Code 'MY' (Only Letters)
L = Location Code (Letters & Digits),
D = Branch Code Optional ('XXX' for Head Office - Letters & Digits)

Your recipient should provide you with the correct SWIFT BIC. They should find this information on their cheque book or account statement.

Enter Amount & Review
  • Enter transfer amount in either GBP or the recipient’s currency.
  • Review & confirm your order details, exchange rate, fee & total cost.

Checkout Your Transfer
  • From checkout page click to ‘Pay Now’.
  • Select from one of the funding methods displayed.
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